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Dream Dua Vision Board Workshop

The Art of Manifesting
The Best Version of You!

Sunday, June 30th

10AM to 2PM         

Workshop Fee: $97.00

This in-person workshop will give you tools and guidance on how to transform your life through the power of visualization and dua. You will enjoy a unique opportunity to create and manifest your dreams, aspirations, and goals.


Join us on this experiential journey where transformation begins right from within the workshop allowing you to discover the incredible impact of aligning your innermost desires with divine guidance!

Location: Dublin, CA


"Rooya's guidance transcended mere counseling; it was a transformative experience. Through her emphatic approach and insightful techniques, I've not only conquered my fears but also unearthed a new found confidence with in myself... Rooya's support has been instrumental in shaping my journey towards personal empowerment and self-realization."

Mariam Khan

"This message came at a perfect time for me. It has benefited me. May Allah Almighty bless you and reward you and keep using you always to help people like me who struggle with these issues."

Aisha Rahman

"I was like a thirsty traveler in a desert and you came to quench my thirsty."

Judy Smith

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