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About Clear Vision Healing

Polishing the Mirror of your Self-Perception


A Journey Back to Myself

When I was 5, my family and I escaped Afghanistan by walking through the desert. We eventually ended up in the US, in Fremont, CA. By the time I was 9, I had become a full time translator, parent, and advocate for my parents and siblings. Growing up, I was often forced into positions where I had many responsibilities, but no power. This meant that fear was ever-present in my life. 

It wasn’t until I had 3 kids of my own that I realized that — because of past traumas, pain and feelings of helplessness— fear had become the driving force in my life. Fear led to anger and anger became a vicious cycle in my life. In this state, I felt like I was unfit to parent —  that not only was I a lost cause, but I was ruining my children’s lives!

It was only when I started to look back at my life and to take some shaky steps back towards myself — to acknowledge and work through my trauma, pain and suffering — that I had a realization! All my life I had made others the only priority — I’d invested all of my time, money, my whole self, solely on others and their needs.

At that point, I realized (with a deep twisting in my stomach) that it was time to invest in myself. So I began to dream and create a vision. In fact, my name Rooya means Vision in Arabic.” This was the beginning of my journey back to myself. Through many obstacles, heartaches, and fear of the unknown I have been journeying back to myself — falling in love with myself.

I hope to pass that gift on to you. That is why I present to you tools and guidance so you can journey back to yourself and find the one who has always been there with you and for  you…the beautiful YOU!

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