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“Truly it is not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their breasts” (Qurʾān 22:46).

Clear Vision Healing

Polish The Mirror of your Self-Perception

~A Healing From the Heart Out~



Do you ever feel like you just don’t matter or that people don’t really see you for who you truly are?


Do you ever find that even when good things happen to you, you can’t really accept them and you still feel anxious?


How we perceive ourselves becomes the reflection that we think comes from the external world. We then use that false reflection as feedback to verify how we feel about ourselves.

It becomes a vicious cycle!

At Clear Vision Healing, I will help you “polish the mirror” of your self-perception so you have the tools needed to:

  • See yourself in your true essence!

  • Empower yourself to take back control in your life!

  • Reawaken hope for what you can create with your future!

After overcoming a  decade of depression and feeling like I wasn’t even worthy to be alive,

I am now driven to help others take on their path to healing.



I guide women who have felt beaten down by the challenges in their lives to reawaken hope, reclaim their power, and begin to live a life of honor. 


What’s unique about my work is that I’ve combined tools and skills such as powerful non-defensive communication, Power Presence storytelling, Qi Gong, and Zhikr that focuses on the heart in order to help women make the shift necessary to embrace a life worth living. 

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